Original Compositions

The Lord's Table (choral)

Composer: B. A. K. Holm
Instrumentation: SATB with solo voice (in Swedish) or C instrument
A Communion choral anthem, incorporating the well-known Swedish table prayer "I Jesu Namn". The solo instrumental part is included.
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Score Samples:
full score  

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Tango'd Up In Fugue (string quartet)

Composer: B. A. K. Holm
Instrumentation: String Quartet (2 violins, viola, violoncello)
score and set of parts. Duration: 11 minutes. This is basically a double fugue (following a somewhat lengthy introduction), where the fugue themes resemble tangos. After the presentation of each theme, the fugue begins and gradually gets more and more involved and "tangled up" coming to a noisy end before the introduction of the next theme. The double fugue begins rather simply, and again, gets more and more complex until it resolves into the conclusion.
Sound Samples:

Tango'd Up In Fugue  

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Name of Jesus (choral)

Composer: B. A. K. Holm
Instrumentation: SATB, organ, congregation
This anthem incorporates the hymn "At the Name of Jesus" (used with permission), sung by the congregation. There are three sections: first section - 3 parts (S,A,unisonTB); second section - SATB chorale; third section - hymn with choral restatement of first two sections as descant parts.
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Name of Jesus - Score  

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Lydian Canon (fl,vln,vc)

Composer: B.A.K. Holm
Instrumentation: flute, violin, and cello
also suitable for 2 flutes and cello, etc. This is wonderful to play for wedding prelude as the last piece, or during the unity candle, or even as a processional. Since it is a canon, you can stop on the first note of any new statement (Like the Pachelbel Canon in D) Score and parts
Sound Sample:
Lydian Canon  

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Childhood (string quartet)

Composer: B.A.K. Holm
Instrumentation: string quartet (2 violins, viola, violoncello)
Score and parts. (dur. 15 min.) Allegro - Child's Play (5:05 min.); Lento - Daydreams (4:17); Rondo - Growing Up (5:44). Recordings used with permission of The Lake String Quartet (Minneapolis, MN)and Digital on Location (10797B Falling Water Lane, Woodbury,MN)
Sound Samples:
Rondo   Lento   Allegro

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