Prayer of Saint Anselm (fl,org)

Composer: B. A. K. Holm
Instrumentation: flute and organ
This piece, in two sections, calls to mind ideas from Anselm's "Proslogion";. Dur.:5.25 min. Includes organ and flute parts
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Program Notes

Brother Andrew and I agreed that the piece grows on you; there always seems to be more to it. I also think that it is well crafted as a means of expressing the love of God. I cannot thank you enough. I should add that several more monks came up to me on Sunday to say how much they liked your piece, including the Abbot, who had been away on Friday. It was exceptionally well received. Father Bede said I can play that, "any ol time"!-
-- Susan Gabriel

Performance at CFAMC Conference, March 2013 - Prayer of Saint Anselm by Barbara Holm begins in the strict A Dorian mode. The flute and organ share the Victimae paschali laudes theme, beautifully interwoven into the fabric of the piece. Barbara Holm takes full advantage of the natural dynamics of the flute (as composer and performer) and registers the organ very effectively to guarantee the balance between flute and organ, performed by Ben Williams. The Provine Chapel has wonderful acoustics for both instruments. There follows a lively section representing the joy in Jesus Christ, that shifts the modality to other tonalities within the A Dorian scale, such as G major. Then there’s a departure altogether into G minor and then a more chromatic idiom ending joyfully on a G major triad. There is a subtle, yet substantial contrast between the sections!-
-- Walter Saul