Instrumental Selections from "The Fairy Queen" (fl,vln,vc)

Composer: H. Purcell
Arranger: BAK Holm
Instrumentation: fl, vln, vc
14 Instrumental selections from H. Purcell's Opera "The Fairy Queen" arranged for flute, violin, and cello. Prelude,Hornpipe, Air, Rondeau, Act I Overture, Jig(First Act Tune), Dance for the Followers of Night,Air(Second Act Tune), If Love's a Sweet Passion, Dance for the Fairies, Dance for the Green Men, Hornpipe(Third Act Tune),Symphony, Chaconne
Sound Samples:
#1 Prelude   #2 Hornpipe   #3 Air   #4 Rondeau   #6 Jig   #8 Air (Second Act Tune)   #10 Dance for the Fairies   #14 Chaconne  

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